Playing with the Pro’s on Ron2

Last year Garthe and I finally got our Ron2 Pro IDs. When that happened, I realized there was a whole world of events that I never even noticed. There are top professional players playing on JPML’S official battle site, Ron2, everyday and any member has the chance to go head-to-head with these players.

Yesterday I joined the Special East room for a special Ladies Event. There was a special female guest every hour and a few others rounding out the tables with them throughout the night. This took place from 8pm-12am, Tokyo-time.

Tomorrow, and every Friday, is Pro Day on the Special East room and you can find everyone from the current Phoenix Cup winter, Naoki Setokuma, to A2’s Kazunori Takizawa, to your very own humble Jenn playing from 6pm to midnight.

This week on Saturday there’s even a Pro Festival with special guests every hour from noon to midnight. You can bet there will be a number of other surprise pro’s showing up throughout the day too. I’ll probably be there.

We haven’t posted a new Ron2 tutorial on yet, but it s possible to sign up. If you want to and need help, just email me at Otherwise, I’ll let you know how I do in these events.

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