Using Online Mahjong to Get Better: Week One

Checking out the rankings on the EMA site, I am quite horrified at how fast my decline into “poor mahjong player” has in fact been.


Determined to change this, I went ahead and signed up for ron2. I guess the thought process being that by paying for something, I’m sure to get better. Like the gym, you don’t have to actually go to get fit, right? I’m healthy as long as they keep taking money out of my bank account.


Anyway… I soon realized that my being rubbish was not limited to real life but extended to online life as well.


After ten matches, my placement ratio is… 3.10.


That is pretty miserable, but confirms that my performance at tournaments is a fair representation of my abilities.


Going back to my performance review, I had two targets. First was to win a tournament in 12 months. Second was to not end  up in the bottom half of the table in any tournament I participate in.


First one didn’t work out for me (see here). Second isn’t looking so good either unless I take measures. Hence the ron2 membership. Ron2 has the advantage if you are a Japanese speaker of additional content etc. that you can access, which claims to reveal the secrets to winning. I guess I can be the judge of that now.


I’m going to set another target to improve that ratio to at least 2.4 in the next fortnight. Hopefully this target will be more achievable…

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