Hey just a quick note in case you didn’t know, your chance to sign up for WRC is ending soon. Like hours, maybe day. If you’re in Japan you can use the Ron2 website here, or from outside of Japan you can get the info in English here, and register here, but if you were waiting for a longwinded explanation of the format and such from me, well today’s your lucky day.

First of all, you gotta sign up on the site, again here, to get your on Ron2 ID properly created and be entered into the tournament. That’s the hard part.

Then the easy part is qualifying for the Best 32! Once you’ve gotten your Ron2 ID and password, you’ll be able to compete in 4 qualifiers this weekend happening over August 22-23. They’re held throughout the weekend so that people around the world should be able to find at least a few hours to play. Times and advancing players are:

qualifer Japan Time London time New York time Advancing
1 8/22 18:00-24:00 8/22 10:00-16:00 8/22 05:00-11:00 Top 7
2 8/23 02:00-08:00 8/22 18:00-24:00 8/22 13:00-19:00 Top 7
3 8/23 10:00-16:00 8/23 02:00-08:00 8/22 21:00-03:00 (Finishing 8/23) Top 8
4 8/23 18:00-24:00 8/23 10:00-16:00 8/23 05:00-11:00 Top 8

Wow, I CAN use excel! I’m so this millennium. I think I have the times right but again they are also noted on the “Format and Structure” section in the WRC info page here.

I say qualifying out of this round is the easy part because I think the strategy here is perhaps the simplest. 7-8 players per qualifier will advance based on their best 6 consecutive game streak. Depending on how many players we get per round, I would expect 1 or 2 players to win 5 or 6 games in a row. However, I would expect at least 15-20 players to finish 2nd place or better in a 6 game streak. That means to make it into that top 7-8, we’ll probably need at least 3 out of 6 wins and the others to be no lower than 2nd place. We’re going to be going for it most of the time. And we’re probably gonna need a little luck.

One thing that should make it a little different from a normal tournament, however, is that Ron2 usually updates the current standings for events like these in real time. You should be able to see what the current border is and depending on where you are in your streak, adjust your strategy accordingly. Just remember that it’s a current standing, and towards the end players will be getting more and more desperate for big wins. The last few minutes might show some pretty fantastic comes-from-behind flip-flops.

Once you’re into the top 32, it will be more like other tournaments in that you’ll only need to beat the people at your table to move on. We can talk about next week in our own little elite group of 32 discussion. You, me, and 30 of our closest friends.

So really, this was just a quick note to get you interested if for some reason you were still on the fence. Really hope to see you on Ron2 this weekend, and the final table next!! Did I mention that you can sign up here?

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