A couple months ago I wrote about playing on Ron2 League and I didn’t give any dates or anything.

What was I thinking.

So Today I’d like to try and fix that.

My plan was to make it to the Gold League by April so that I could try and qualify for the Internet Mahjong Championship. It so happens that I was offered a spot in the main event anyway, so the fact that I only made it to and retained my silver status ended up OK.

Tonight I’ll be finishing up my silver games and here are the date’s I’ll be playing next month (whatever league I end up in):

May 3rd (Saturday)
May 4th (Sunday)
May 10th (Saturday)
May 17th (Saturday)

Hopefully with these 4 dates I put or keep myself in the Gold League. If you have time join me or come watch! Ron2 Official Battle Site

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