Heroic Mahjong!!!

You travel the world, meet some peeps here and there and after a while you find out, there’s more to life than just Ronron and MFC. Now there’s HERO MAHJONG!!

A buddy in Macau recommended checking out the new online Mahjong site so I spent some time on it this evening and I have one word.

Dope dope DOPE!

Three times but it’s still the same word. At the moment Hong Kong rules are the rules of the day, and I must admit I have yet to fully understand all the intricacies. Still, I managed to double my money in half an hour so an understanding of Reach rules seems at least useful.

Not sure if Reach rules in addition to Classic and International will be added to the other rooms later or not, but for the moment, who needs ’em. The Hong Kong rules provide a place to play and a wide range of stakes at which to join.

And another thing, stakes. Don’t have any? Well, if you want to get some, there will be a free roll on March 6th at 21:00 Hong Kong time, 22:00 JST (that’s 1pm in London). In addition to the freeroll prize pool, the first 50 users signing up through reachmahjong.com will get an additional $20 when they play the freeroll on the 6th!!! Use the banner on the right of the page or click on this link to be one of the lucky 50. The banner is way too big for the site, so there’s no way you can miss it.

Can you say bling blam blau?!

I had a little problem seeing the whole screen as I’m playing from a little tiny notebook, but if you have a normal screen there shouldn’t be any problem. And one thing’s for certain, despite my little tiny screen, I definitely have a date with Hero Mahjong this Sunday at 10 PM (Japan-time).

If you have any questions, we’ll be responding via the forums here.

Hope to see you there!


For a quick summary of the old-style HK rules check out Tom Sloper’s site or Mahjong Wiki. Make sure to check out Hero Mahjong’s website too!

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