Entering Day 2 of the WRC: Garthe’s Opinion

Holy cow, what a start!

Holy mediocrity, what a “Meh” end to the first day!


Today saw the beginning of the first ever World Reach Championship and I managed to start it of in championship form. I won a total of six hands on my turns as dealer to begin the tournament with a whopping plus 74.9. I win the next game too to extend my lead in first place.

Then in the third game I ran into Hisato who couldn’t stop winning hands and finally Furuhashi in the last game who couldn’t lose either. Two consecutive 3rds places dropped me down to 9th place at the end of the day.

It’s not so bad as we just need to be in the top 32 by the end of tomorrow. I just have to not blow it. Given my recent Champion’s League performance, if there’s a person capable of blowing it, it would be me.

So my mantra: don’t suck don’t suck don’t suck don’t suck…

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