Reach at the WRC!

So Jenn, Garthe and me are in Paris. It didn’t look like the trinity was gonna be together after Garthe misread his plane ticket and totally missed his flight. A new plane ticket later and he made it on the day of the opening ceremony. So how are we getting on…




I had a fairly a miserable time of it. My first and second tables were large minuses. I brought it back a little in the third hanchan with a modest second place. My final hanchan of the day was a third with -1600 pts before uma. Not bad considering I was expecting a bloodbath. However, it doesn’t change the fact I’m not doing as well as I hoped halfway through. I’m gonna need to create some kind of miracle to get in the top 32. Let’s face it, that’s not gonna happen…



Jenn’s string of bad luck seems to have followed her on her flight. Although not as well as she would have hoped, Jenn did win a game which makes her better than Gemma. Her aim for tomorrow is to beat her fellow JPML members outside of Japan.



Garthe did really well and Jenn and me aren’t talking to him anymore.

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