Wow, it’s been fantastic to see all the participation in the online WRC event from all around the world so far this weekend! If you’re disappointed with your performance so far, don’t be. Take for example, pro player Masatsugu Mochizuki who finished his six games with minus 600 putting him in 121st place. Not a winning showing and that guy’s won the entire JPML Phoenix Cup before! Others were so disgruntled with their first 3 games they didn’t even finish 6 games for a qualifying score. Well, I mean I know of one at least.

But have no fear, we’re still only half way through! ( if you happen to be checking during your off time between qualifiers)

Actually, if I were to make a better excuse for not having a qualifying score, it would be that I also miscalculated how much time I’d need to get 6 games in. I figured games would take on average about 30 minutes, but they seem to be taking 40-50 actually. That means you’ll really need closer to 4 hours to definitely get 6 games in. One thing to note there, however, is that a game need only begin before the cut off time to be counted in your qualifying score. So if you’ve only gotten 5 games in, as long as you can get that 6th to start by XX:59, you’re still good. That goes for 7th or 8th games too if you’re looking to improve your score.

The borders for the two rounds so far were 1633 and 1423 which means that to win you needed to average somewhere around 250-300 points per game. The top scores were 2097 and 1868. Those don’t seem representative of 6 straight wins so I may have overestimated the very top performances in my previous post. But averaging 250-300 does in fact probably mean no games below 2 place in 6th place or if there were 3rd places, the wins had to be pretty good to overcome, those minuses.

But every game can be the beginning of a new 6 game streak, albeit difficult to get much more than 9 games in pre session and thus 4 different streaks. So I will be aiming to start at 10:00 sharp (Japan time) and play straight through to my first game in North Kanto. Sigh, why this weekend?!?! I finally had to set up my phone to connect to my computer so I can play on the train while traveling between Tokyo and Gunma. I actually have a pretty good showing in North Kanto so far so gotta protect that standing.

These little points were probably obvious to most but if you hadn’t started playing yet, you might not have thought about them. So start your streak as early as you can. The fact that you can play more games to improve your score is another difference between this and the way in-person tournaments are usually played. The more time you give yourself, the more chances you have to generate a winning streak.

Congratulations to the 14 players who have qualified so far. I don’t know everyone by their handle, but for one, you are joined by Tadashi Yoshida another Phoenix Cup title holder. You’re already in pretty rarified company!

The final two qualifiers let 8 players through so it’s just a little bit easier to get through! Can’t wait for more action next hour!

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