World Series Final Day

Jenn has unfortunately been eliminated after the first session of the final day. She did extremely well to get as far as the final 16 though!

The day isn’t over yet however! There are two more sessions to play and the tournament has reached the final eight. We’re going to be following Sawazaki-san of the JPML who is into the final eight.

A summary of so far…

Jenn came tenth in the preliminary rounds to safely make it to the final day. Puyo who is also on the World Gaming Magazine team also managed to make it to the final 16. Unfortunately, this morning wasn’t kind to either of them and Jenn hit a large minus of 300 points and Puyo’s scores didn’t treat him much better, coming in at 13th. Both were thus eliminated and didn’t make it to the semi-finals.

We asked Puyo how he felt:

“I didn’t do as well as I expected, but it was so fun to play with strong players. The level today was much higher than it was the past few days.”

Jenn’s comment was simply “I’m disappointed.”

They both did really well though. They also both write a strategy column for the World Gaming Magazine ( so check it out if you want to know how they did it!

Anyway, a friend of, Sawazaki of JMPL is through to the semi-finals so we’re now eagerly awaiting the results of the semi-final to see if we get a riichi player to the final table!

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