Ron2 League

One of the fun aspects of JPML’s Ron2 is the ranking system. There are daily, weekly and monthly rankings that you can check daily and there are usually special tables and events with prizes for the top rankers.

I personally like to play in the Ron2 League on the weekends and give myself a goal of moving up or down. Every pro wants to be in the Gold League and while I’ve made it before, something always comes up keeping me from playing and I’m not able to maintain my status.

Now that we’re on hiatus I have every intention of making Gold before league starts in April and keeping my spot there. You’re all welcome to join me and since the games are limited to weekends and split up by Gold, Silver and Bronze leagues, we’re likely to end up on the same table if you start in the Bronze league with me in February.

How about it? Want to work our way up together?

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