The regular JPML Mahjong season is officially over. League finished at the beginning of January, Champions League and any other remaining tournaments have only the finals left to play and the next big event is the Grand Prix, reserved only for the elite in results and/or in name.

So what is a run-of-the-mill mahjong pro like Garthe and I to do until our first league session in January?

You’ll find me on Ron2, reading up on the game and practicing my butt off. I plan to be on Ron2 a lot. I hope to not fill my time with other things, but with no tournaments there will be a lot of free weekends.
You’ll also find me at the arcade, racking up Mahjong Fight Club hours. I hope to make it to some parlors in the meantime as well and I have just a few guest jobs lined up.

I’ll also take a trip or 2 to a remote, undisclosed location, with no mahjong whatsoever.
You’ll hear all about it on the podcast.

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