Cherry Blossom 2009 Report – Part 2

I got to see a new place and meet some new people and share the hobby I love with others.

The second part of my report from the Netherlands!

Third round and Lady Luck is still by my side! I make some interesting reaches and won some that possibly I shouldn’t but I’m also happy that there were few moments when I regretted a discard. I win 40500 points in this round. I’m so pleased with myself. I don’t have much time before the final round so I decide to down another coke to keep my blood-sugar levels up. I’m seventh overall at the moment… Here I go!Final game goes awry though. I don’t outright lose but I come third with minus 12800. Not horrific but not how I would have liked to finish off my comeback.  Nothing came through for me and when it did, someone won before me. I made a few mistakes as well. I do seem to lose my game towards the end of these tournaments. My brain seems to give up on life after three tables of adrenalin.

My final total works out at 35,700. I’m glad that I’m in the positive. It’s a huge step up from my Hannover results. Still, it falls short of my dreams of being in the top ten in this tournament. I’m getting better though.

The most important part of the whole tournament was having fun though! I got to see a new place and meet some new people and share the hobby I love with others. Tournaments are certainly not about winning and losing. It’s about sharing and enjoying life with friends.

Losses are also an important part of Mahjong. Sometimes you learn best and improve your game most when you see your mistakes.

The next tournament in Europe will be in Hannover for the Phoenix Tournament. Again, I’ll be there so I hope to see you there too!

Watch out Europe – Once I have skill to complement my luck, I’ll be undefeatable!

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