October 7: M-League Leading Players Announced

Aki Nikaido (ExFurin Kazan), Sayaka Okada (Sakura Knights), Yudai Maehara (Konami MFC), Okina Mizuhara (U-NEXT Pirates) have been announced as the lead players for the first match on the 7th.

Current team standings are:

1st  Sega Sammy Phoenix +113.2 (4/90)
2nd EX Furin Kazan +62.1 (4/90)
3rd KADOKAWA Sakura Knights +22.4 (4/90)
4th TEAM Raiden +9.4 (4/90)
5th U-NEXT Pirates +2.3 (4/90)
6th KONAMI Mahjong Fight Club +1.2 (4/90)
7th Akasaka Drivens ▲81.6 (4/90)
8th Shibuya ABEMAS ▲129.0 (4/90)

(brackets indicate games played)

Abema Official site: https://times.abema.tv/mahjong/posts/7022799 [Japanese only]

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