What We Got: Transparent Tiles

One of MahjongMart.com’s most popular products and the hardest one to keep in stock is the Transparent Tile Set. The set is a more affordable version of the set used by Washizu in the popular Akagi comic book/anime.

The set includes 3 transparent tiles and 1 white tile of each type (including 4 seasons and 4 red fives), a full set of small white scoring sticks and 4 white dice. The product as been restocked 3 or 4 times and has sold out each time. Not only that, but MahjongMart’s original supplier even ran out of the product, leaving it out of stock on our site for over 6 months at one point.

Now MM has found a new supplier and the product is back in stock, hopefully to stay. We will be restocking in anticipation of the 2010 Mahjong season (all year long!). The product is popular because many Riichi players started playing the game after watching Akagi. While MM does not normally carry the original Akagi tile set, they do offer special-order services. Inquiries can be made at http://mahjongmart.com/

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