Warsaw Open Riichi Taikai 2009

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Riichi Mahjong is coming to Poland!

Warsaw Open Riichi Taikai 2009: Riichi mājan tournament

Date: 21 November 2009

Place: Poland, Warsaw – Palace of Culture and Science, Defilad Square 1 (venue is subject to change, but it will be in city center for sure)

Limit of Players: 40

Registration: via mail: chalwa-at-op.pl

Registration fee: 15 zloty (=4euro), subscription ends on 13 November.

Details available at: chalwa-at-op.pl

Time schedule:

9.30 Rules revision, sitting arrangements
10.00 Tournament start
10.00-12.30 I hanchan (1st game)
12.30-15.00 II hanchan (2nd game)
15.00-15.45 Break
15.45-18.15 III hanchan (3rd game)
18.30 Results announcement

Rules: Slightly altered EMA rules. Yaku according to KGJ – kuikae ari (chow-switch allowed)!

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