Vienna Here I Come!

So I missed the Red Fives tournament in the Netherlands. Unfortunately I couldn’t take time off work to attend… But luckily I’d booked in the Vienna tournament months in advance so I’ve been working myself up for this one.

I’m hoping for some good games. If I’m honest, I haven’t played a game I’ve been happy with for a long time. I guess I’m lucky that I can see the horrible mistakes I made, but I don’t seem to be able to correct myself…

Superstition is my biggest problem. So pre-tournament superstitions after the jump.

1) Playing mahjong – I mustn’t play mahjong for 24 hours before a tournament. This is because I start feeling that certain tiles hate me and start playing strangely with them in my hand. This isn’t a good way to enter a tournament.

2) Wash my luck – This means losing money at gambling. Computer blackjack is my fave way of losing some money. Only small amounts mind…

3) Jewelery – I always make sure I have my lucky necklace on me.

4) Breakfast – No hot drinks. I also have to only eat a small amount. I play badly after eating. I guess that could be an observation rather than a superstition, but I have no evidence to back it up so I’m justifying it’s position here.

5) Shoes – I put them on and take them off three times before I leave for a tournament because I think that it will help my luck. This could actually just be an OCD problem… But hey! Why not…

Look forward to seeing some of you there!

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