USPML Update: October News

Hello, it’s Charlyn from the USPML, with some brief news and updates for this month.

Open Play events scheduled for the rest of 2010

We’ve scheduled our NYC Open Play events for the rest of the year. Open Play is usually on the fourth Sunday of the month, but to avoid the holidays, we’ve moved it for November and December.
So the upcoming event dates are: Sundays; October 24, November 14, December 12.
Latest details at our website:

Barticle’s excellent Riichi Mahjong terminology guide now available for download at our website

We’re proud to be hosting a Riichi Mahjong terminology guide put together by Barticle!
Barticle’s guide contains a wealth of Riichi Mahjong terms covering all aspects of the game, from rules to waits to optional hands and variants. Each term is presented in the original Japanese, translated and thoroughly defined. Examples and diagrams are embedded throughout, making it easy to visualize and understand many of the more complicated terms. This is an excellent read for any Riichi player looking to solidify their understanding of game concepts, or just curious about the meaning of terms they might have run into in other mahjong-related media.
Download it here:

Learn-to-Play Workshops temporarily suspended – curriculum redesign in process

Learn-to-Play Workshops are temporarily suspended, partly because of scheduling conflicts, and partly because we are re-working our lesson plans and curriculum. We’ll resume classes and other teaching activities soon with a new-and-improved method.

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