Using Online Mahjong to Get Better: End of Week 2

So… I didn’t meet my target. However, I did get better! I’m now 2.6. Not bad at all. Especially as I’ve had my parents to stay for a whole week.



What have I learnt from this week:

1) Check the dora tile before first discard.

– This is a favourite mistake of mine. I can almost hear the discard noise as I realize that I’ve discarded a dora that could have been quite useful to me.

2) Don’t play mahjong when distracted.

– I have favoured playing online mahjong whilst watching TV, Mad Men, Gossip Girl etc. This inevitably means I’m not playing properly nor am I learning. Must not do this.

3) Fishing is a naughty necessity sometimes.

– This is something that I notice I haven’t been doing so much in live games, but I should be if it’s safe and especially if I am the dealer. The difficulty is knowing when to fish.


Anyway, as I haven’t satisfied my original target, it rolls over to next week. 2.4 must be achieved in seven more days 😉

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