Upcoming Tournaments – Europe

The next few months are looking exciting for Europe. We have three upcoming tournaments in the short space of five weeks.

The first tournament is the Kaiser Tournament being held in Hanover on the 17th March. It is being held at Gaststätte Kaiser and I highly recommend taking extra pocket money to eat there. The currywurst is particularly amazing!

The second tournament is the adventurous Great Scholars being held in Oxford on the 6th April. Why is it ‘adventurous’? Martin Lester, the organizer, is planning a dynamic seating method that will adjust the table allocations depending on your scores. I heard the theory already and I am very excited!

The final tournament before summer hits is a firm favorite of the calendar – the Cherry Blossom Tournament (Sakura Taikai) held over two days on the 13th and 14th. If you’re worried about traveling there, just contact the organizers and they’ll definitely help you. It’s not as difficult as Google maps makes it out to be, and as someone who habitually gets lost, I’ve never managed it in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to join any of these tournaments. I decided to leave Germany at the beginning of the year and have temporarily relocated to Japan. I’m genuinely going to miss attending the tournaments and seeing my friends there. However, I’ll be wishing you yakumans from a distance.

Also, if any participants of the above tournaments want to fill in and write reports or run a twitter for an event, please let me know (gemma@reachmahjong.com / @mahjonggem).


[Edit: Correction “Cambridge” -> “Oxford” – Thanks to @SwanseaRiichi for noticing!]


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