The 2010 JPML Season Comes to an End

January marks the home-stretch of the Japan Professional Mahjong League’s season. Each year begins in April and ends in February, so the last 2 months of the season is when all the participants are working towards winning their spot in the Grand Prix finals, which take place in March. Here’s a summary of the final event results and the line-up for the JPML Grand Prix for the 2010 season.

The 5th annual womens’ league finals were held in January and the winner was Kaori Shimizu. You can read’s report here (

The 19th semi-annual Champions League ended less than a month later in February. Hiroyuki Yamada won this event and the runners up were a plethora of friends! The runner-up was Ryuichi Masuda (part of the ReachMahjong/World Gaming Magazine team at the 2010 World Series of Mahjong), 3rd place was Kaori Aisawa (regular at cups) and 4th place was Yoshifumi Matsuzaki.

The biggest result of the year is definitely the Phoenix Cup. The JPML A-Leaguers battle it out for 1 year to challenge last year’s winner. Last year Naoki Setokuma, friend of won, and this year he defended his title! Not only did he win, he defeated the respected Yudai Maehara (runner-up) and one of the hottest players of the year, Makoto Sawazaki (6th at 2010 WSOM). 3rd place was Kazutoshi Itagawa.

Which leads us to the Grand Prix. Only the top finishers in JPML’s tournaments over the years are invited to play. This years final 16 are:
Naoki Setokuma
Asataro Nada
Masatoshi Sarukawa
Koji Furukawa
Masato Horiuchi
Takeo Kojima
Satoshi Fujisaki
Kenji Katsumata
Kazunori Ide
Yudai Maehara
Yoshifumi Matsuzaki
Kaori Shimizu
Shin Toiguchi
Kazutoshi Itagawa
Kana Nakata
Masashi Ishiwata

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