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Active ImageReach Mahjong: The Only Way to Play (RM), the popular website specializing on information and strategy for the Reach (riichi) version of the rules has a new addition, an English Tutorial for the Japan Professional Mahjong League’s (JPML) official battle site, Ron2.

Active ImageRon2 is an online mahjong software run by the JPML and boasts nearly 100 pro’s who play regularly on the site. Players can play watch and play with the pro’s, view their past 100 games, participate in leagues and tournaments and set up games and chat rooms. There are close to 100,000 subscribers in Japan alone and Ron2 has been looking to spread into the English market for some time.

Jenn Barr and Garthe Nelson, the site’s founders, finished an English translation of the software last year and are now looking for new members to justify the implement the translation. Players can now refer to RM for guidance in signing up for new accounts, installing and running the software, using the game screen and more.

“We hope this will give English-speaking users a way to play on this great software and also give us an opportunity to get some feedback and give us a great place to have regular meet-ups for our and Yakitori Online communities because of it’s superior chat abilities. Hopefully with the new Riichi rules, tournaments and ranking system in Europe, players will want to practice with other players on Ron2,” says Jenn.

Active ImageThe tutorial can be found on RM’s website here. RM is looking for feedback and can be contacted on their website: There are 10 pages of great info including step-by-step instructions and translations of controls in the game. Three more pages will be added this week explaining use of the Chat room, Free Battle room and Spectator functions. New players can try out the software for free with a Trial Membership for 48 hours before deciding on a Free Membership or a Full Membership. Jenn and Garthe play regularly on the site as well as Yakitori Online’s founder, Andy Barzaghi and RM columnist Gemma Collinge.

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