RM.com Meetup

Our next tournament meetup is June 6th. (24:00 Central European Time)

We’ll play a tournament consisting of two rounds. The first hour and a half we will play 3 East only games per table with the top 4 players going to an East round final table for the last half an hour. If we only have 2 tables then it will be the top 2 players from each table. Any more than 2 tables and we’ll tally everyone’s scores after 3 games to see who goes to the final. The final will be 1 game.

First place will receive a $5 gift certificate for use on Mahjong Mart (new stuff there!). If you don’t actually want to play, don’t be afraid to come watch. Watchers will be able to kibbitz with each other while the games are going on too. For playing or watching just come to the Free Battle Room after you’ve logged into the site.

We’d like to be able to publish the tables by Saturday night so sign up by noon on Saturday, PST. This way we can send out passwords for each table to ensure that stragglers don’t come in and disrupt the tournament format.


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