Red 5s is next weekend! I recieved an email from the organizer, Cors Hoogland. It looks like they’re trying out something that I’ve not been involved in before. This is the email I received this morning…

“We decide to have two classes, Red and Blue. The Red ones are the more experienced players and the Blue is the less experienced players. That means that two Red and two Blue players are sitting at one table. This structure will be at the Cherry Blossom Tournament as well.

Martin and Sjef had figured it out to avoid that three strong players will sit at a table with one less stronger player and the Blue one needs perhaps a helping hand concerning the counting etc. and we will test if this system will do for the CBT.

All the names come from different ranking lists and we try to get a fair game with this system.

We play 4 rounds of 90 minutes each, but after 75 minutes there will be a signal. Everyone can finish the current game and start 1 new game, this must be finished too. Now no-one has to play slow to prevent someone else from winning.

The lunch is free and you can take what you like but the refreshments during the day will be on your own cost. You have to buy a ticket E 10, 00 or E 20,00 and every time you take something a person will clip your card. At the end you will get some money back if your card is not completely used.”

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this works. Hopefully it’ll ease the anxiety of new players. I remember that scoring for me when I first started out was pretty traumatic. Hopefully lots of people will have a really positive weekend and want to get more involved in the world of mahjong.

On a personal note, I can’t wait to get back to the mahjong table. Plus with a free lunch… I can’t really go wrong!

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