Reach Mahjong Live!


This is a thing that is actually happening!


First of all, thank you to those who emailed me! I’m still sorting through the information sent. Plus I got super sick… If you listened to Jenn and Garthe’s show on Tuesday, you’ll have heard how bad I was. Please do feel free to send any more feedback and ideas. It may be late for Saturday. However, we hope to make this a regular thing so it won’t go to waste.


Secondly, you need a time and a place… It will be held on Saturday 18th 9pm (Tokyo), 1pm (GMT), 8am (New York). Apologies to the West coast of America…





We are using niconico and you can already reserve a timeshift. I understand that there are some issues with getting membership and some of the features are not available to free members. If you can, please do join the community!

However, we are also using Ustream so there will be two avenues.

I’m anticipating some teething troubles, but please keep letting me know how things are looking on your side.

I’m hoping that as many of you as possible can join us live!

gemma [at]



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