Reach Mahjong is Going Live!

With the success of Jenn and Garthe’s English podcast and niconico show in Japanese, we’re going to see if this would work for an English streaming mahjong show…


We need your help to do this!


First and most obvious, we need people to watch. Otherwise we’re talking to ourselves. Details have yet to be finalized… However, pencil in Saturday 18th for our first show. This will be in the evening Japan time, early afternoon European time and very early morning for America.


Benjamin Boas (THE mahjong guy) and our two resident pros, Jenn and Garthe, will be contributing. I’ll be there to ask the dumb questions.


We’re also looking for questions and topics you want discussing. Perhaps you had a particularly difficult hand that you would like a more expert opinion. Or you have a replay you want to show us so we can discuss how it could be played differently.


How do you get in contact with us?

@MahjongGem for any general comments. We’re still at planning stages so now is the time to give us some direction and opinion!

gemma [at] reachmahjong [dot] com for your more detailed questions and pictures/replays. Please also include how you would like to be called (real name, tenhou handle etc.), or you can keep it entirely anonymous.



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