Oranda Sai-Kou Tournament Day Two

(See the report from Day 1 here)

With no hope of placing in sight for me, I could instead turn my attention to the performance of the other players.

In particular, the French players. I’m amazed at how their numbers have increased in such a short space of time. But not only that – they’re really good! Rarely do you see the Dutch having to put up a fight on their own turf. For quite some time it looked like the first spot would go to a Frenchman, if not all the spots.

During the course of Day Two of the tournament, it seems that the Dutch woke up to this threat and pulled out their A game. Bert soared into top spot closely followed by Sjef, over players such as Jean-Marc, Quentin and Nicolas. Nicolas did manage to place still in third.

How about Tom Mustonen? My hopes were so high! And he was so close to placing but just fell short at fourth. Although he had some really strong games, his last two tables just didn’t net him the points he needed. He assures me that next tournament he will be walking out of the hall with a trophy! He’ll be writing his own report for RM.com so make sure you check back to find out how winners played.

As for myself, a respectable 30th. Nothing good, nothing bad. I just cruised throughout the whole tournament. I never got any massive hands and I probably should have defended more than I did. Each game I played was very tense though and there were no easy points at hand. I’ve noticed a dramatic shift from a play style where there was virtually no defence to one where almost each player I met at the table was prioritising defence. It’s a good trend and one that will lead to tougher games.

Finally, Janco should be mentioned for running an extremely smooth tournament. That sort of organization is never easy but he did it brilliantly. All in all another excellent Dutch tournament that does justice to a country of strong players.

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