October 14: M-League leading players announced

Sayaka Okada (KADOKAWA Sakura Knights), Ken Sonoda (Akasaka Drivens), Aki Nikaido (EXFurin Kazan), Saki Kurosawa (Team Raiden) have been announced as the lead players for the first match on the 8th October.

Current team standings are:

1st  Sega Sammy Phoenix +158.6 (8/90)
2nd EX Furin Kazan +89.0 (8/90)
3rd KADOKAWA Sakura Knights +50.2 (8/90)
4th Shibuya ABEMAS +28.8 (8/90)
5th TEAM Raiden ▲5.1 (8/90)
6th U-NEXT Pirates ▲87.9 (8/90)
7th KONAMI Mahjong Fight Club ▲107.8 (8/90)
8th Akasaka Drivens ▲125.8 (8/90)

(brackets indicate games played)

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