It’s April and that means that the new season is starting in the Japan Professional Mahjong League. This year is busier than ever and I’d like to take a few minutes to give you a taste of what the JPML members of are up to for the next 12 months.

Konno, Garthe and I are of course playing in the Professional League and that takes up the first weekend of each month. In addition to that Garthe always plays in Champions league which also averages out to one day per month. I hope I get to play this season but with the parlor and Mahjong Fight Club and the website to keep up I don’t think it’s realistic this season.

The big event this month is Mahjong Masters. JPML hosts this amateur/pro open tournament and this year Paul Beneder from Kasu played in the qualifier. Konno, Garthe and I played in the pro qualifier this past weekend and the main event is on Saturday. Since the three of us made it we’ll have a great story to tell at the end of the month.

In May the 10-tier tournament starts and everyone in JPML will be there. This year Garthe and I finally get to join from the 2nd Grade level instead of 1st Grade (dan) so we’ll have time to nap after the meet-up that day. Or time to take a walk with Luna.

For the girls, the Women’s League starts in May and I’ll be there. That will take up a day every other month or so. Then in July there’s the Pro Queen tournament. I missed that last year but you can bet I’ll make it this year!

In addition to that we have the live Cups every month starting in June and the OUI tournament again in November. And the teacher, Konno, has 7 Mahjong classes per week to keep him busy when he’s not in tournaments.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on everything as it happens. The past month or 2 we were on Spring Break mode but now that the season is started you’ll have lots to read so stay tuned!

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