New champion of the world! (of North Kanto)

You may have noticed in the last couple of weeks that everything I say has a slightly louder ring of authority. That’s because I finally won my first title last Sunday in the North Kanto local league.

North Kanto Champion, Gartheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Ok now that I’ve got the grandstanding out of the way, return to my normally humble self. Haha, oh I kill me!

But really, I’ve been having a remarkably good streak for the last couple of months and I can’t for the life of me figure out what I’m doing right. In fact, maybe not doing things right is the answer because what I do notice is just one mistake after another. The key to my success is that somehow the mistakes turn out right.

A perfect example comes from a play I made to win the second game in the final session of league play. Going into the last turn as dealer I was in the lead and tried to end it with a quick cheapie but instead threw a 5800 point hand to the dealer, giving him the lead. Ouch! First mistake.

Next hand I was going for a full flush when another Dora, 4, showed up in the wrong suit. It actually made 7 pairs a possibility until finally on the 16th draw I got to ready with this:

Active ImageActive Image      Active Image

The real pisser was that the very draw before I got to this, both my lower house and the dealer threw Active Image. I didn’t want to reach that late, already 16th draw, and risk losing another 1000 points but I had no set Hand Point. So I was waiting for  Active Image, but only Active Image gave me a Double Run, allowing me to win off someone else. Then on my last draw I drew another Dora!! With no more draws and the hand now like this what would you do?

Active Image      Active Image     draw

Can you see all the options? My choices were to drop  ,  , or  . I really preferred the  option because I tend to like big waits, Active Image  , except that having already discarded Active Image earlier it would put me in a missed win situation. So I dropped the  , and stayed with my same crappy  Active Image wait. Lo and behold, what should the dealer’s last discard be but the last Active Image!!!

8000 points and a stunning come-from-behind-from-ahead victory for me!

Mostly stunning I guess because Ogawa and the parlor manager, who had been watching behind me, immediately pointed out what “genius” it was for me not to have thrown my other Active Image on that last discard. That would have given me Simples so I could win on   from anyone!

If only this genius had noticed that option, that’s probably what he would have done.

And that about sums up my success lately. I’ve scored the highest two months in a row on Fight Club. My winning percentage at work is close to 40% in that time also. And I won North Kanto, no small feat actually given that my final table included Sawazaki Makoto, and Yoshida Yukio, two of the strongest players in our entire league. Through it all, I make one blunder after another and somehow they just keep coming up smelling like roses.

It reminds of one of my favorite shirts a buddy of mine used to wear saying, “Be strong, be wrong!” Well, I got that right anyway.

Time to get lucky.

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