Mahjong Super Cup in just One Month! (2)

The Mahjong Super Cup 2008 is happening in exactly one month (Dec. 13th and 14th at the Grand Waldo Hotel & Casino in Macau) and Team is already practicing the rules! Last week we practiced the 16-tile rules for the first time and this week we got together again. Later this month we’ll be holding the first-ever live Cup, live in Tokyo and the winner will join Team in Macau next month.

The schedule for the $1500-entry tournament is a 2 day event with best players on each table advancing to the next round.

On Day 1 there will be 3 rounds. From Round 1, the best 2 on each table will move on to Round 2. The same system will be in place for Round 2 and from Round 3 the best-scoring 1 player from each table will move on to Round 4 and Day 2.

Day 2 will consist of rounds 4, 5 and 6. From Round 4, 16 players will advance. The top score from each table will move on, and depending on the number of players remaining, the rest of the players will be decided based on placement at the table or the overall score will be compared with the rest of the field to determine who will remain. The best 4 players will move on to Round 6, the Finals and battle for the first-place prize of $330,000 USD!

The prize pool is guaranteed at $550,000 USD and will be distributed as follows (all USD):

1st – $330,000
2nd – $100,000
3rd – $50,000
5th-16th – $3,000
17th – ? – $1,500

In Japan we call this system “Tournament-Style” meaning (different from English) that your table placing determines how long you live. You just have to beat the others at your table, 5 times, and you’re at the final table. It sounds so simple! Hopefully that will be the case for all of us that are going to take the challenge. Be sure to cheer us on!

Join next month in Macau. We will be reporting, podcasting and interviewing top players at the event, so even if you can’t make it, it will feel like you’re there with us! Look forward to more updates soon.

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