Learn More about the Mahjong SuperCup (5)

The 2008 Mahjong SuperCup is just a little over one week away and we’re getting excited. We have a team going, we’re ready for the Grand Waldo Spa, and we’re nearly experts on the 16-tile rules. But who is running the SuperCup? Let’s take a look at SUperCup Entertainment (Holdings) Limited.

SuperCup Entertainment (Holdings) Limited is an entertainment company formed from 3 organizations that teamed together to put on a great tournament in Macau this year. The Founders of the Mahjong SuperCup 2007, which broke a Guinness World Record, has joined with GigaMedia Ltd. And Guangzhou Yingdu Internet Technologies Ltd. to promise that this year’s competition will be even more successful than it’s predecessor.

This entity already has plenty of success to boast about with the success of the 2007 2007 Mahjong SuperCup in Taiwan by the Founders of the tournament, the Mahjong Championships in 2007 that were organized by Giga Media and the many Mahjong and poker tournaments run by Yingdu, including the 2007 CMF Mahjong Tournament in Qingdao.

With so many professionals and experts working behind the scenes and a number of pro players and enthusiasts showing up on the floor, you can be sure that the Mahjong SuperCup is going to be the hottest topic in the industry for the next month. Remember to check back here on and before December 13-14 for all the news, drama and cash.

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