League Season is Coming

It’s April again and that means we get to start all over.

Well, in the Japan Professional Mahjong League anyway. Although it is getting a bit tiring to start all over from the D-level yet again.

I was able to stay in D1 again this year and it’s a tough road to move up in JPML with 50 players or so in the lower leagues and only 6 moving up at a time. It’s even worse the higher you get with only 2 players moving up and down over 6 months or a year. There’s no super-quick path to the A-Leagues.

The quickest player to make it was Sho Shiratori. He’s in A2 along with Kazunori Takizawa and Hisato Sasaki, who moved up at the end of last season.

You’ll see Garthe in D2 (which, incidentally is where we both started) and you’ll get our updates and complaints in the weekly podcast.

JPML League happens on the first Saturday and Sunday of each month so we’ll be sure to update you and maybe Gem can even join us and give us some pointers, considering she’s won more tournaments that both Garthe and I put together.

Cheer us on and feel free to ask questions about any players you want to follow!

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