Kinryu Majan Taikai

September 26th the Netherlands is hosting the Kinryu Majan Taikai in Almere. Contrary to the tournament’s original intent, they will no longer be playing the yakitori rule.

Participants received an email earlier this week stating:

“The KMT used the yakitori as (optional) bonus element, but EMA requested all tournaments use the same additional elements, so at the KMT we will also play with red fives.”

So no yakitori and instead the infamous red 5s! A relief and a disappointment all at once.

I make no apologies for the fact I’m a fan of the red 5. I like that added element of luck and strategy. (See this recent article on MahjongNews to see how it can affect a player’s decisions) But I fully understand that it’s sometimes a boost to the donks of the Mahjong world like myself! 😉

I’m disappointed though as I have never actually played yakitori. I’m sure most people will agree that that’s a great shame! I was interested in seeing how it affected my play.

Well if anyone is staying at the Hotel Finn or near the Hotel Finn on Friday/Saturday night, let me know! Maybe you can show me how to play yakitori!

If you’re not joining me in the Netherlands, make sure you check! I’ll be doing my best to bring you coverage of the event!

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