Kaori Shimizu Wins Womens League!

On January 22-23rd, 2011, the 5th annual Japan Professional Mahjong League’s (JPML) Womens League Final took place in Tokyo. The finalists were a group of well-accomplished and skilled ladies that battled in A-League for the entire year before meeting here at the final table. Rumi Nikaido, Kana Nakata, Chihiro Asagiri and Kaori Shimizu played 12 games over 2 days and this year’s champion was crowned. Kaori Shimizu is your new Cherry Blossom Champion.

Previous OUI and Pro Queen winner, Kaori Shimizu, has been a fixture in the Japanese mahjong industry for the past 14 years. She has recently risen to Grade 5 in JPML, sharing this ranking with Aki Nikaido as one of the highest ranking female players in the world. This is her 3rd major title and she continues to prove herself as one of JPML’s strongest players. Last year’s winner, Kana Nakata, took 4th place at the final this year and will resume her position in the A-League in the 2011 season.

We were able to catch up with Kaori after her win and she gave us some comments.

Kaori Shimizu
“It was a long battle with 12 games over 2 days and there were a lot of obstacles. It was a long road and took a lot of concentration.
But I feel like I grew with this experience and it will be important for my growth as a player.
I am very grateful for all the people that supported me and I look forward

The Japan Professinal Mahjong League is based in Tokyo and boasts leagues all over Japan. It is the largest and most successful professional mahjong organization in the world and features pro’s through a number of media such as Konami’ Mahjong Fight Club and the popular online mahjong portal, Ron2. The JPML Womens League (Cherry Blossom) was established in 2006, holding the first championship in 2007. This marks the end of the 5th season. Previous winners include Aki Nikaido, Michi Yuki and Kana Nakata.

2011 JPML Womens League Results
1st Kaori Shimizu
2nd Rumi Nikaido
3rd Chihiro Asagiri
4th Kana Nakata

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