JPML Women’s League/Champions League/North-Kanto (May)

Active ImageBesides Pro League, JPML has a number of other leagues. This season we will follow the players’ results from the JPML Women’s League, Champions League and the brand new North-Kanto League.

Women’s League
The ladies gathered on May 23rd for the first session of this year’s women’s league. There are 2 leagues: A and B.

Active ImageIronically, the 2 pro’s that just signed up on our forums, Kaori Shimizu and Emi Hojyo were at the same table in the A-League. Kaori was good enough to take 2nd with a score of 61.9 and is on her way at the shot to take the title from Aki Nikaido, last year’s winner. The inaugural winner, Yuki Michi is in 5th place and is looking to be a force to take that title back.

Active ImageUnfortunately Kozue Miyauchi isn’t doing as well after the first session as she is in the Pro League. She’s currently in 14 out of 20 with -21.6. And our friend in the forums, Emi Hojyo is in 19th with a -52.9. The A-League is tough and hopefully our friend will all shine at the top!

In the B-League Jenn is comfortably in 10th place with a 16.9 score. Only 5 will move up to A-League and there are 31 in the B-League so it will be a tough road to the top, but Jenn (that’s me, by the way) is confident she can step up to the challenge. Four sessions left!

Champions League
Champions League is open to all JPML Pro’s and consists of 5 sessions each half-year. There are 3 days each month that players may participate and they can play any day they’d like. Their cumulative score decides who will make it to the final 16. After 2 months there are already 79 players in the running and more promise to surface in June.

Active ImageGarthe has played 2 sessions and with 2 positive scores he is in 31st place, right about Yukiko Izumi. Emi Hojyo started out with a loss but pulled back with a win in her second session and is just about even, right above Takahiro Fujiwara. Naoki Setokuma isn’t doing very well after 1 showing with a -58.4.

There are still a lot of games to go in this league and we won’t even be able to imagine the results until the very end!

North-Kanto League
Active ImageThe brand new North-Kanto League happens in Gunma prefecture and Jenn is travelling there once a month to show her stuff all over the country. There are 20 players in the Pro League right now and after taking 2nd place at the opening ceremony, Jenn is in 7th place with 11.2 points. The first place contender has 61.3 and there are still 4 sessions to go this season.

There are 25 in the mixed league and Jenn wasn’t able to play in May but she will be back in June to take a piece out of the rest. Kaori Shimizu is scheduled to participate as well, so look forward to the future results of this new league.

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