JPML Women’s League/Champions League/North-Kanto (June)

Active Image Besides Pro League, JPML has a number of other leagues. This season we will follow the players’ results from the JPML Women’s League, Champions League and the brand new North-Kanto League.

Women’s League

Active ImageSaturday, June 27th marked the second session of this year’s JPML Women’s League. This is the 4th season of the league and the girls are starting to get in their groove.

The 3 rd and defending champion is Aki Nikaido, and with a +97.1 score in the 2 nd session, her sister, Rumi Nikaido is leading the A league and holds a very realistic shot at facing her sister in the finals. Kaori Shimizu posted a small positive of 3.8, dropping to 5th place but still holding on to her chance at making a final table.

The first champion, Michi Yuki had a big negative to put her in 13th place and Kozue Miyauchi is right behind her.

In B-league Jenn posted a -53.8 and dropped down to 23rd place out of 31 players.

Champions League

Active Image Garthe Nelson played 2 great sessions at Champions League to put him in 20th place out of 93. 29 players will advance to the tournament and with only one more session of play, Garthe is in a good position to get a second chance at this title. He’s really at the top of his game now and we hope to cover him in the finals.

North-Kanto League

Active ImageKaori Shimizu played her 3rd session in June and it paid off, giving her a score of 46.4 and a total of 94.7. She sits in 3rd place in the league.
3rd Cup winner, Naoya Ogawa also scored his 2nd positive in 3 sessions and is in 6th place.
Unfortunately Jenn posted a big loss of -78.7 and sits in 20th place out of 24 players with -65.3 points.

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