JPML Pro League – May, 2009 (C and D)

Active ImageMay was the 2nd session of the JPML Pro League for the first half of the 2009 season. Last season was not the best one for most of our featured players. Let’s see how the C and D leagues are doing 2 sessions in this year.

C Leagues

Active ImageIn C1 is Aki’s sister, Rumi Nikaido. After a bumpy start in the first session, she came back in session 2. She’s still in the negative, but there is no fear yet of dropping down to C2. At the top of C1 is last season’s featured player and winner of the C2 League, Kozue Miyauchi! She is rocking the tiles again with 77.2 points, right on the heels of the 2nd place 86.6. Only 5 will move up to B2, but Kozue has a big chance here and something tells me she will pull through.

Active ImageIn C2 another pro columnist of, Shintaro Kamimura had a rough second session with -28.6. Luckily his first session was a positive score so he’s not yet in danger of dropping down, but it will be a struggle to move up this season.

Our forum friend Emi Hojyo is also here, fairing better than Shin with 2 positive scores and 15th place. She’ll have to push a bit harder, though, to make it in the top 7 and move up to C1.

Active ImageYukiko Izumi is doing very well in C3 with 2 positive sessions in a row. 8 will move up to C2 and that’s where Yuki is, in 8th place, working to join her friend Kozue in the higher leagues.

D Leagues

Active ImageGarthe is following suit with 2 positive scores to his name as well. With 9 moving up to C3 from D1, he just needs to keep the pace up and step it up maybe one notch to take it 7 spots above his current 16th place.

Active ImageAnd down in D2, Jenn (that’s me!), is pushing hard with a positive score in session 1 and even bigger one in session 2, for a total of +99 and 3rd place. 10 players will move up to D1 but the real prize for us in the lower leagues is the chance at the Special League, where the winner gets a spot all the way up in the B-League.

There’s still 3 sessions for B-D and 8 for A-League and we’ll be updating regularly so get on the forums and let us know what pro’s you want to know about!

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