JPML Pro League – May, 2009 (A and B)

The A-1 winner last season for the entire Phoenix Cup was Yudai Maehara. That means he gets to take the year off and another worthy player has taken his place.

A – Leagues

Active ImageOne of our favorite pro’s, Naoki Setokuma, friend of is currently in 4th place in A1 with 29.9. The leader only has 78.8 and A1 is a year-long commitment, so he is looking good to make the finals, but this is Mahjong and anything can happen in the remaining 8 sessions.

Yuko Ito, Grade 9 and another friend of moved up from A2 and is currently in 10th place with -44.4. He still has a lot of time to come back and we’re expecting no less from the Vice-President of JPML.

Active ImageIn A2 our featured player last year, Kazunori “Takki” Takizawa is up in 5th place with 26.7. Previously in A1, Takahiro Fujiwara is way down in 13th and will be looking for some big points to bring himself to the top of the league.

The only female in A-League, Aki Nikaido is struggling in A2 with -71.3, which is only good enough for 15th place. Out of 16 players in A2 we know she’s one of the strongest and will be rooting for her to move up in the ranks before the season is out.

B- Leagues

Active ImageB1 is the home of last season’s featured player, Hisato Sasaki. He is comfortably in 6th place with more than 24 points and although the leader has over 100 points, it’s a short jump to 2nd, who only has 69 points.

Active ImageOur faithful columnist Shintaro Konno unfortunately moved down to B2 last season and is struggling a bit with -33 points after 2 sessions. With 5 moving up and 4 moving down, out of 16, in B2, we hope Konno will pull ahead and regain his status in the B1 league.

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