JPML Pro League – June, 2009 (A and B)

With 2 more sessions to go for all but the A-leagues, the pressure is on. See how your favorite players fared in the 3rd session of the 2009 JPML Professional League.

Active ImageA-Leagues
In A-1, Naoki Setokuma is in 2nd place in A1 with 81.7 points. 3rd place is just 0.3 points behind him. Yuko Ito finally came back in the 3rd session for a small positive score (+4.1) after 2 negative ones to start out the season. Last year’s winner, Tomotake got a disappointing -70.7 in the 3rd session to put him under -100.

In A-2, Kazunori Takizawa is in 3rd place with +89.7, but 1st and 2nd both have over 130 points and only 2 move up. There are still 7 sessions left. Aki Nikaido is still struggling in her first year in A-league and is down to -106.9 in 15th place. 14th place has -63.3. 4 players will move down out of 16.

Active ImageIn B1 Hisato Sasaki holds a 0.4 lead over 3rd place with 48.4, but is still more than 50 points away from 1st place. 2 players will move up to A2, with 2 sessions left to go. Sarukawa is in 12th place with -49.1. Out of 16, 3 will move down and only 5 players hold negative scores at this point.

Active ImageB2 also has 16 players and with 2 sessions left to go, columnist Shitnaro Konno is in 7th place with 15.2 points. After 2 negative sessions he book a +48.2 to put him only 2 places away from the move-up spot. 5 players will move up to B1 while 4 will move down to C1.

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