JPML Pro League – July, 2009 (all leagues)

Active ImageLast month we missed the C and D-league reports, so this month we’re going to do them all at once.

Also, this time around I’d like to explain the pro league quickly. Each session is 4 games and there are 5 sessions in each season (10 sessions for A-league). The score from each game is recorded and all of these scores are added together to determine the ranking. At the end of each season the top players move up to the next league and the players at the bottom of the ranking drop down one league. The highest league is A1 and the lowest is D3. A-rules are used with a +12, -12 placing bonus. The players with more than 30,000 points split the +12,000 and the players below 30,000 points split the -12,000 penalty. The scores are divided by 1000 for easier scoring (eg. A 35,000 1st place will get +17: 5 for the 5,000 above 30,000 and 12 for the placing bonus).

Now that you know how it works, let’s get into the results for July.

A Leagues (4/10 sessions)
Active ImageIn A1, inaugural champion, hovers at the border, hanging on to his chance to battle last year’s Phoenix Cup champion, Yudai Maehara. Three players will advance to the finals and with 61.8 points Setokuma is in 4th place. Yuko Ito is in dangerous territory with -95.2, 11th place out of 12 players. 2 players will move down to A2 and Ito does not want to see himself down there again.
Active ImageIn A2 Takki held his position with -1.7 for the day, moving him up to 2nd place as the previous leader dropped down to 3rd with a -62.2 for the day. Aki Nikaido, the only woman in the A-league finally pulled a positive score and moved up to 14th place, just 2 spots away from the safe zone.

B Leagues (4/5 sessions)
Active ImageHisato Sasaki stayed consistent in B1 with another positive score of 10.3. He was overtaken, however, as Naoya Maeda, scored a +64.3 to take over 2nd place. Sarukawa had a large negative to put him in the danger zone of 3 that will move down. They both have 1 more session to turn things around.
Active ImageIn B2 Shintaro Konno scored a big negative of -31.1. He is in the safe zone with -15.9, not in danger of dropping down to C1, but also not in a good position to return to B1 with only 1 session left.

C Leagues (4/5 sessions)
Active ImageKozue Miyauchi is once again at the top of her class in 3rd place in C1 with +102.8. She has scored 4 positive sessions in a row and with 5 players moving up to B2, she seems to be a shoe-in. The winner of the 3rd Cup, Naoya Ogawa also boasts 4 positive sessions in a row and is only 7.2 points away from 5th place, giving him high hopes for a big score in the final session to push him up to B2. Rumi Nikaido is in the danger zone and will need a big score just to keep her spot in C1.
Emi Hojyo and Shin Kamimura are in the safe zone in C2, although Shin is teetering towards danger with -27.8.
In C3 Yukiko Izumi remains hopeful at just 11.2 points away from the border to move up to C2.

D Leagues (4/5 sessions)
Garthe Nelson brought his score back up with a +50.7 last Sunday in D1, giving himself a fighting chance to join the top 9. He is currently in 13th place with one more session to go.
In D2, Jenn posted a small negative, but remains in 2nd place with a total of 157.7 points. The current 1st place player posted 2 scores in a row of about +100 points, overtaking Jenn by about 13 points. Still, she will be looking to post a positive score for the win in the last session.

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