JPML Girls Count the Days

Active ImageAt the start of October, 12 girls from the Japan Professional Mahjong League got together for a day of costume changes and poses. The photo shoot was for the JPML 2009 Calendar and you can get yours at

In 2007 JPML released its first calendar featuring Rumi and Aki Nikaido, Kozue Miyauchi, Yukiko Izumi, Rinka Tamura and Ikue Watanabe with 2 months for each girl’s pose. This year there is a different Mahjong Pro for each month of the year and in addition to the 6 displayed in the 2007 calendar, you’ll also see Kaori Shimizu, Saki Kurosawa, Yukari Nakagawa and Reach Mahjong’s very own Jenn Barr.

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It was a full day of shooting and one of those rare opportunities to see the girls outside of their normal serious-tournament mode. I had a great time getting to know some of the new girls and also some of the older ones that I had never talked to before.

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Calendar sales will begin in November so don’t miss out! I was shot in a men’s white button-up shirt and nothing else! Yukiko Izumi (remember her from last month’s interview?) is in a swimsuit and the other girls are all looking their best too. This is a rare opportunity to get another exclusive glimpse at the Japanese Mahjong community and it’s brought to you exclusively by the Japan Professional Mahjong League and

Check in November for your calendar!

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