JPML Calendars are Back!

In 2007, 2009 and 2010 the Japan Professional Mahjong League issued calendars featuring their female pro’s. The first year only showed 6 pro’s, but more were added in each year thereafter. This year JPML has taken yet another new approach to the calendar project.

This year JPML has offered 2 calendars. The wall calendar features 7 pro: Rumi and Aki Nikaido, Saki Kurosawa, Rinka Tamura, Yukiko Izumi, Kozue Miyauchi and myself (Jenn). The new desk calendar features 12 pro’s, including all of those above and some other popular names like Kaori Shimizu.

The calendar shoots are always a good time. Kozue Miyauchi is generally in charge and each girl’s individuality is included in her set. You’ll see girls dressed as a cowgirl (yours truly), in traditional Japanese yukata and kimono, swimsuits and party dresses.

You can get all the details of both calendars in Japanese on Konami’s website ( and if anyone outside of Japan is interested in ordering a calendar, don’t hesitate to e-mail me or put up a message on the forums. We can work something out through MahjongMart and I’ll even do my best to get the pictures autographed for you (sorry, no promises though with only a few more weeks left in the year…)

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