Jenn’s Corner: Women’s League

Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote a proper Jenn’s Corner. I know the updates have been slower than I’d like, but thank you everyone for sticking through this with us. We’ve got a few projects going on that we can announce in the summer and I promise (again) that we’ll be updating more regularly here as well.

To get right into it, I jumped back on the horse last week, playing in the Women’s League 2011 season. I couldn’t play in Pro League because of health issues, but the Women’s League is only 5 times per year and I didn’t want to miss out on it.
It felt good to be back on the table and I hadn’t touched any tiles for nearly 3 months, so to be honest I was nervous at first. It took a couple of hands, but everything came back and it was like I had never left. It was a rush.

One thing I can say is that no matter how long I play or don’t play mahjong, when I sit at the table the feeling never changes. I’m happy to be there. I hate when my opponents beat me. I love to win hands, even small ones. I love to win bigger hands even more. I love this game and it felt great to be back.

I have to say I enjoyed playing with the people at my table this round. There were 2 new players (whom I have to say were very sweet and also very generous) and one player, Makoto Tenne (past Rookie Cup winner) that has been around just a bit longer than Garthe and I.

With the 2 new players and a few long breaks in between games (I had to get away from the smoke at the table everytime), we ended up as the last table to finish by a long shot. I think we were out of there at least 30 minutes after the people before us. That made my last game really hard. My endurance is definitely lacking after the long break.

There were not any special hands that stood out. I ended up with a negative 2 or so, putting me in 22nd place out of 41, but there are a lot of people around the 0 mark, so there’s still lots of opportunity to move up. Only 5 move up to A-League this year and there’s a good chance a number of players will be moving down next year, so I’ll have to play well and make sure to make it to every session (I’ve missed at least one session every year until now).

This year I just want to work on my game. I’m not worried about results. I’ll improve my game this year and let those results show next year.

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