Jenn’s Corner: Waste of Time

OK, time is moving way too fast. There are too many deadlines, too many tournaments, too much gaming and testing, too many updates and not enough time in any day of the week. Not to mention handling our own homes and lives, if you can imagine that those things even exist.

My days have been spent the last 2 and a half weeks working non-stop. Garthe and I spent the Macau Poker Cup in Macau, coming back straight to media events, translation deadlines and, of course, Mahjong Fight Club. Not to mention North Kanto League, the OUI qualifier and our normal study sessions. Unfortunately we’ve not had nearly enough time to do all of the things we want to, namely, podcasts.

That’s all changing this week, though. Lately the more time I spend away from Mahjong, the more I feel like I’m wasting my time. I should be at study sessions, I should be playing casino-style at the parlors and I should be calling up people for sets. In my off-time I should be playing MFC. Well, at least I’m doing the last thing on that list…

So today I’m changing all of that. I got up earlier, the laundry is going, the dogs are walked and before I go anywhere, is getting updated. We have a podcast scheduled for tomorrow and for the rest of the day/night I’ll be playing Mahjong, visiting poker rooms, selling calendars (YES! The 2011 JPML calendars are on sale now~ If there’s interest in the forums, I’ll put them on MahjongMart again) and then wake up to do it all again tomorrow. Tuesday I have a long-awaited guest job and I finally get to put my qi-pao (china dress) back to use.

I really haven’t found a good way yet to balance my Mahjong life and my personal life. I want to spend all day with my puppies, I want to play Mahjong all day, I want to attend, cover and sometimes play in poker events and I really don’t want to do anything else. This makes any private relationships pretty difficult. Luckily I’ve got other degenerates like Garthe to keep me company.

If anyone has a better idea at keeping a realistic schedule and getting enough Mahjong hours in, I’d love to hear it. See you on the forums!

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