Jenn’s Column #1: Hey!

Welcome my very first Corner! This Corner is all my own and I’m excited because until now all I had was a wall. Well, now I have a corner, and you know what that means. TWO WALLS!! That’s right. I intend to use the meeting point of these two walls to create a corner that informs you about Reach Mahjong. Garthe and I will be updating (at least) weekly to bring you the best and most interesting things in the Reach Mahjong world. So for my first Corner, I would like to introduce ourselves to you and explain what we are up to. You can bet it is NO GOOD. That’s how we plan to keep you coming back!

JennMy name is Jenn.
GartheHis name is Garthe.

We became members of the Japan Professional Mahjong League (JPML) in April of this year. As Pros, We tend to play a lot of Mahjong. We are both currently appearing in a networked real-time Mahjong video game created by Konami and featuring over 40 professional mahjong players from our league called Mahjong Fight Club. You can find it all over Japan and Hong Kong. We also participate in many of JPML’s tournaments throughout the year including the Professional League (just starting out, we are both currently in the D2 League), which has 2 seasons each year. There are many other big tournaments that we will keep you updated on as well. Just wait!!

Now for the indies:
Jenn2I am Jenn. I am originally from Seattle, Washington USA and moved to Japan when I was 18 for school. Since then I have spent 5 months each studying in Hawaii and Taipei. I can speak Japanese (for the most part) and am working on Chinese. My mahjong history is probably the shortest in our league with only about 2 years of playing experience. I make up for it in perseverance though! Go ahead and try to catch me skip a day of studying tile patterns or actually playing! I became a professional mahjong player so that I could have something to work for and achieve some kind of goal while continuing my love for the game. These past 6 months have been a blast and I can’t wait for what lies ahead!

Garthe2He is Garthe. He came from Sacremento, California and came to Japan to… Yep, you guessed it, teach English. It was exactly that which got him started in this wonderful game. A student of his recommended it and he started by playing video games. One day he met me (Jenn) and we started playing mahjong together. One day Jenn said she was going to become a professional mahjong player and Garthe got jealous, so he followed her (but very carefully so as to not be mistaken as a stalker) and the rest is history (well, not yet, but maybe someday it will be).

So what are we doing in this place? Ummm…

Oh yeah!!

jenn and garthe

So our lives as professional mahjong players takes us around Japan and keeps us busy, but sometimes it’s hard to be the ugly ducklings… So, let’s get more non-Japanese-speaking players involved and make THEM the ugly ducklings! Actually, we welcome Japanese speakers as well.

But, we would like to get more people around the world playing Reach Mahjong and hopefully get some worldwide leagues and tournaments going someday, so here we are, ready to converse with other mahjong lovers and future lovers on the World Wide Web.

We are planning to do a lot of traveling in the next couple of years and get more people washing the tiles and interested in the best game in the world!

You can catch Garthe every week with his “In Garthe’s Hands” section where he will introduce you to a new hand every week. Well, that won’t even last a year, so should we can him after that? However nice that would be, I can。ヲt do this all alone, so after we get through all of the hands, we will rotate through them again and we will of course keep a database online as well so you can check out any hands that you missed anytime.

I will be in charge of looking cute and keeping you updated on Our activities and those new friends that we meet along the way. Please feel free to leave messages on our BBs and talk to other mahjong fans, also make good use of the e-mail link. After all, Mahjong is all about making friends. To post comments to this column, click here.

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