Jenn and Garthe’s November League Results

Garthe and Jenn are in separate leagues for the first time ever. Read about how they fared in November and their prospects for the last 3 sessions of the season.
Active ImageGarthe Nelson: Grade 2, League D1

I’m having kind of a rough league session this time around. I’m currently in the everything-I-do-is-wrong mode. You know, when you have to many possible groups in your hand so you throw the 1-2 because 7-8 is a better wait and of course the 3 would have won. Or next time you throw the 7-8 because the 1-2 lets you go for a full flush and the 6 is your next draw. Or every time someone reaches on the 3rd or 4th draw, you throw the winning tile on the first draw. Not that it makes any difference in League play, no First-turn-win, but it’s still psychologically frustrating.

So what to do. I guess it’s back to basics. I’ve gotten pretty used to playing non-stop attack Mahjong the last couple months. It worked pretty well at the World Series and was working at the parlors too but I think I’ve ridden that wave a bit too far. This month I think I’ll be using reach less and trying to play a lot more defense. After a miracle save to stay in D1 this season, I’d really like to just try staying the normal way too. It probably won’t take much actually. There are generally several players at the bottom of the league who really stink it up by the end. Even with my two big negative starts, 3 positive scores will probably keep me out of the very worst of the worst. Here’s to staying positive.

Active ImageJenn Barr: Grade 2, League D2
I felt like my performance in League this month was a huge failure. I did the worst thing a mahjong player can do in a game, lost patience.

One player dominated the game, winning nearly every hand and certainly every game. I was just behind in 2nd nearly the whole time and had only a small negative. That is until the second to last hand of the day. I was the Dealer and needed to continue. I was just about Ready and the player across from me (who had let the dominating player of the day win a 13 Orphans hand earlier) reached. I should have folded nr found another route to Ready but instead I decided to teach him a lesson and let him win on MY very next discard.

Thanks to that I booked another small negative score and have nearly doomed myself to another season of D2 in only the second session.

For December I will be taking a hard look at my game and making sure that I defend my status before they send me down to D3.

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