Jaap Croeze Wins the Kinryu Mahjong Taikai

The results are in and Jaap Croeze is the champion!

We don’t have the final scores yet. Those will come with Gemma Collinge’s recap next week. Pictures will come then too, but we do know who the winners are!

Jaap Croeze won the tournament. Gerda van Oorschot came in second place and ReachMahjong.com’s own Gemma Collinge took 3rd place.

Riichi tournament organizer Sjef Strik came in 4th and Martin Rep of MahjongNews.com took 8th. One of our favorite RM.com members, Tom Mustonen got an impressive 10th place and German player Bjorn Schulz came in 24th place.

Altogether 48 players joined the Kinryu Mahjong Taikai and we’ll get a full report from Gemma next week. In the meantime join us now for the ReachMahjong.com weekly meet-up on Ron2 and 18 hours after that will be the ReachMahjong.com freeroll on Kong88.com.

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