Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year from ReachMahjong.com.

I have only one thing to say about 2012… Failure.

The first half I worked my butt off, trying to get the new shop set up and updates going, and the schedule didn’t work out. It was nothing I wanted it to be.

So I’ve taken the last few days of 2012 and set a precedence for updates going into 2013. We have 2 weeks of content already waiting for you and as Garthe and I are doing live shows every week in Japanese, we have a perfect schedule to record podcasts every week.

Gemma is taking new steps in her life as well and it looks like RM is going to be a part of those steps.

So we’ll try harder and do better this year, so please stick with us and I’ll make sure that all of us have time for the forums from time to time.

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