Going to the Mahjong SuperCup in Macau

Active ImageLast week I arrived in Hong Kong one day before the rest of the ReachMahjong.com team to check out the hotel and get settled. The next day I went to Hong Kong station to pick up Yuko Ito, Naoki Setokuma, Kaori Shimizu, Shintaro Konno and Garthe Nelson of the Japan Professional Mahjong League and Mitsuhiro Minagawa, who would also play in the event.

No matter what the results of the tournament I was determined to show this group a good time and we started with Peking Duck in Central Hong Kong and it was a big hit! Hong Kong Mahjong Fight Club forum members Antony and Lea joined us and we had a good time talking about Mahjong, Hong Kong and Japan.

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After dinner was the choice of playing poker in the Hong Kong Poker House or viewing the sites and the light show in Hong Kong. Being gamblers at heart, the vote was nearly unanimous to go to the poker house. Garthe ended up getting 7th in the Hong Kong Poker League tournament they held there and everyone else left with the memories of a good time.

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The next morning I scheduled my favorite meal: dim sum at the Sweet Dynasty! With 8 people this was going to be the best dim sum trip I had ever been on and I was ready to order everything I ever wanted to try, but I was shot down with a stomachache and couldn’t even make it to the restaurant… Thanks to RM.com’s marketing expert, Kirk, however, everyone ate to their heart’s content and had a great time.

After that it was time for check-out and the ferry ride to Macau. We took the Cotai Strip ferry to land on the island of Taipa and got to the Grand Waldo in time to see the crowd that was registering for the event. We chose to register after a dinner of local Portuguese cuisine at Fernando’s down on the beach. We had sangria, clams, crab, pork, chicken, chorizo, veggies and of course the Macanese Fried Rice. I have to say Macanese food is high on my list of favorite cuisines, although I can’t decide if it’s higher than dim sum or not.
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We spend the evening practicing the SuperCup rules getting massaged in the Grand Waldo spa, relaxing for the next morning when we would battle with other mahjong experts in the world.

While not in the tournament time was spent on the poker table and also on the baccarat and blackjack tables where Minagawa took down the house and the others licked their wounds.

In the end the trip was great and hopefully RM.com will have the chance to take more trips to events like this and bring an even bigger team to events all over the world.

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