European Riichi Mahjong News

News on the Austrian Championship and the new official European Riichi Mahjong Rankings! Finally European Reach Mahjong is gathering pace! The First Open Austrian Championship was held this month and first place was taken by Marianne Croeze from the Netherlands so a big congratulations to her. More details including photos can be found at Mahjong News.

The Austrian Championship also qualified for the new European Riichi Mahjong Rankings. Hopefully, this new European system will not only encourage players to raise their game, but also help promote more cooperation across Europe and bring even more players together under a unified banner. For more details on the current rankings, again, Mahjong News has the details.

Were you at the Austrian Open? If you were, please leave a comment and tell us your thoughts. Or, even better, send me an email with a short write up and I’ll put it up on the site! Email me at this address.

If you’re hungry for more tournament action, don’t forget the WSOM Reach Event! Full details are here. Jenn, Garthe and myself will all be in Macau for the event. It’s promising to be a big one! And is offering help to any players who would like to join us there. Full details here.

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